I grew up in a college town with two educators as parents. It was never a question that I would go to college and even that I would pursue my master’s degree. While the other kids were watching episodes of Saved by the Bell, I was playing violin, leading Student Council, planning Prom, attending 4-H meetings, writing newspaper articles, serving on community boards and breezing my way toward a 4.0.

The most trouble I can remember ever being in at school was when I forgot my milk ticket during first grade. And instead of lying and saying I didn’t need milk, I told the truth. And then had to sit against the wall at recess.

In college, I worked up to 80 hours a week as editor of my campus newspaper while taking a full course load. Then there was this one time when I sued my university. It wasn’t until my senior year that I really had much of a college experience.

My family traveled a lot. I’ve been to Canada, Guatemala, Argentina, Paraguay, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, England, Wales, Brazil and Mexico. I’ve spent a weekend in the Bronx and a weekend in California wine country.

I don’t have any crazy drunk stories. I’ve never smoked pot. I don’t have a long list of boyfriends and broken hearts. I didn’t have my first kiss until I was 18. I’ve never even had a speeding ticket.

Some people think that means I haven’t experienced life. It’s not like I didn’t have the option. Or that I have always made the best choices and never stumbled. But I do realize I have a choice, and more often than not have chosen the path that aligns with my values.

But, I still cry when people seem to hate me for no reason. I feel fat when I eat a brownie or a plate of Chinese food. I am unsure of what I want to be when I grow up. I have days when I look in the mirror and see all my imperfections and pinch at my love handles. And I still have days when I come home and NEED wine.

I'm sarcastic. Liberal. Christian. Passionate. Dramatic. Sensitive. Empathetic. Practical. Independent. Random.

It’s all these things experiences and characteristics that make me Sarah. Whose best Friday nights involve popcorn, sweatpants and Lorelai Gilmore. Whose favorite Saturday morning activity is drinking coffee and soaking up the colors at the Farmer’s Market. Whose favorite vacations involve a presidential library. And whose favorite outfit is jeans, a t-shirt and hat.

That’s the me I’ve grown to love.