Friday, March 16, 2012

seven months

Oh little Henry,

You're seven months old! I can't believe it. You're becoming more like a boy and less like mama's little baby everyday.

Any day now I expect your first word and your first crawl. You have the crawling position down and love rolling onto your stomach and pushing up. So much so that trying to take your seven month bear picture resulted in you rolling off the bear and scooting away.You've got sitting up by yourself mastered and love playing with toys on your new playmat.

You had your first major sickness when you got influenza this month all while daddy was out of town. Thanks goodness for Grandma. The weather has been gorgeous and you played at the park for the first time and LOVED it. (Video here!) This month you also visited the World War I museum, had your first taste of Kansas City barbecue at Danny Edwards and sat in a highchair all by yourself at a restaurant.

You looove food. Your favorites are Earth's Best pears and raspberries and Gerber mango smoothie. You also like the pears mama made for you, steamed carrots you feed yourself and pancakes. You're still a fan of nursing every three hours.

You sleep through the night for the most part and wake up with a smile on your face. In fact, it's rare that we ever see you not smiling.

We are so in love with you, and love watching you grow.



  1. Love the pictures. What a cute little smile!!! Hope all is well with you guys!!
    Theresa Crist