Monday, April 16, 2012

eight months

Dear baby Henry,

You are fantastic! You pulled lots of tricks out of the bag this month. You started crawling (though still prefer the army crawl), can stand up on your own if you're holding on and the best one, learned to kiss.

You are a squirmy worm and never, ever sit still. You still prefer to be awake and even more so now that you're learning so many new things. You're up twice a night to snuggle and nurse, though you are doing much better with your naps. Your top teeth aren't coming in yet but they seem to be bothering you lately. You're talking a lot and shortening down to yells that someday soon will be words. You definitely understand Mac, Mama, Daddy, Pica and kiss.

You LOVE food. All of it. Your favorite baby foods are any fruit, carrots, winter squash, sweet potatoes and yogurt. Big boy foods (non pureed) you've tried are cheese, crackers, banana, steamed carrots, apple, strawberries, refried beans, tortilla, turkey, shredded chicken, french fries, beef ravioli and canned peas. You still love nursing and are not ready for a sippy cup.

Your biggest change, though, has definitely been clingyness. You aren't scared of strangers and even sit with your friend Terri all during church. But you always prefer your mama and cry if I am in the room and not holding you. I am enjoying this sweetness while it lasts.

This month you attended your first fantasy baseball draft (silly right?), experience March Madness and had your first Easter.

We love you baby boy,

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