Tuesday, May 8, 2012

how long are you planning to nurse?

I didn't pack any bottles for our trip to California last week. Even better, I didn't have to pack my dang pump. It was a fabulous thing to just feed Henry when he needed it - at the Shamu show, during dinner, before bed. No making bottles, worrying about warm water or stopping what we were doing.

I nursed him on takeoff and landing in a discreet, under a blanket way. The woman sitting in our row began to question me.

Woman: How long are you planning on nursing?
Me: My goal is a year but if he wants to go longer, that's fine. Whatever he needs.

Five minutes later...

Woman: Kids have to learn to drink from a cup eventually, you know.
Me: Sure.
Woman: I just hate when I see those three-year-olds breastfeeding.
Me: Well, I'm just doing what's best for my kid.

On the way home, the TSA agent asked if we had baby bottles with liquid to go through the x-ray.

Agent: No bottles? 
Me: Nope.
Agent: No water even?
Me: Um, nope.
Agent: Poor kid!
Me: I'm his food. He's OK.

I did have some super positive experiences like the SeaWorld's baby and nursing friendly park. But it's interesting how the older he gets, the more judgment that comes. Just wait til he walks over to me when it's time to nurse. Gasp! 


  1. No judgement here...just loud applause. :) I observed that many of the women who questioned why I nursed Mark so long was because they had trouble breastfeeding or had personal guilt for weaning too soon.

  2. I expect that I will want to nurse longer than I'll probably be able to. Teaching a traditional K-12 schedule is not too supportive of breast-feeding moms. Do what is best for you all for as long as you possibly can, friend!!

  3. Stick with it, mama. You will not ever look back and say to yourself, "I wish I had stopped nursing him sooner."

  4. Applause here, as well. My supply tanked recently, when my son reached seven months old; I had planned to breastfeed for 12 months, if not longer. I miss the convenience of being my son's nutrition (and the inconvenience, too). Keep rocking it out, and don't let people's judgement get to you. Big thumbs up from this mama.

  5. I think you can introduce a sippy cup just fine while breastfeeding to go against the woman on the plane. I nursed Mackie for a year and it was a wonderful experience. We both knew the time was coming, though, to completely wean. I nursed her for the last time the morning of her first time. I cried and snuggled as long as possible. I plan to nurse Brax until his first birthday, too. I personally like the year-end milestone, but as long as you're not feeding him into his preschool years, I say go for it! :)

  6. Applause from me too. I'm expecting my first and hoping to make it until 24 months. There are lots of benefits of nursing older babies - I wish people would keep their negative comments to themselves.

  7. I nursed all of my babies and loved it. With my second baby I stayed home full-time and he never took a bottle the whole first year. I will never regret that decision. Keep it up as long as you both are comfortable.