Friday, December 14, 2012

shut down

A week and a half ago, I ran 18 miles. The farthest I have ever run and only six weeks, just two long training runs short of the marathon.

My foot started hurting but a short one without much pain. It was sore and a little stabby but three and a half hours of running would do that to a foot.

But then it kept getting worse to the point I was having trouble falling asleep because the pain was so intense.  - before the Vicodin that is. A visit to the doctor got me an order for an MRI to detect either soft tissue injury or a stress fracture. But, turns out the MRI would cost us at least $700, which most likely the same result - me not running. A stress fracture means no running and soft tissue means only run if it doesn't hurt. And people, it hurts.

I decided to forgo the expensive test and face the facts there will be no Jan. 20 marathon. The doctor has given me four days to soak my foot in a ice bucket five times a day. If no improvement, this foot is in a cast come Monday.

It is way more defeating than I expected. Once the decision was made, the tears flowed. The thought of starting this journey all over again makes me feel angry. The cold early mornings, the weekend afternoons sacrificed to shoes and pavement, all to be done over again.

I'm positive there is a marathon finish line in my future. Just not this one.



  1. I'm so sorry, Sarah. But you are so WISE in doing this! Remember there is a purpose and a time for everything. You have a great focus and goal - keep this in mind as you first heal that foot and then work up the momentum and mileage to conquer that marathon.

    Heal, mama, heal!

  2. I'm sorry :( It sucks to work so hard for something and then not be able to make it. But the good news is, you know you can do it so the next time it will seem a bit easier. Good luck on finding your "next time"