Monday, September 12, 2011


Henry has cried for six or seven hours straight for the last four days. Unless we constantly walk around with him singing or I hold him in the Moby while swaying my hips. (I will have the strongest hips EVER).

We've started mentioning the scary colic word. And as the evening approaches, my body tenses and I brace myself for the ugly to come, and the frustration of seeing such a sweet boy in so much agony.

I am pretty sure Henry feels the same way.


  1. Hmmm...I'm sure you've already talked to your doc/lactation consultant/midwife about this? Just a few things off the top of my head (and take it for what it's worth - you know your sweet babe best!)
    - acid reflux or gas trouble? Gas drops provide a little relief, but if it's greater, may need a 'script.
    - If it is one of those two things, I found the football hold was great - putting him face down and your palm providing some gentle pressure to relieve the pain.
    - Swaddle tight, tight, tight.
    - Happiest Baby on the Block CD worked well w/ Mackie when she was a newborn as it simulated a lot of womb noises.
    - Check your diet - he might be sensitive to something you're eating or drinking (too much caffeine - crazy!, cruciforous veggies, etc)
    - Maybe he's not getting enough or too much to eat?
    - Let him cry it out for 10-15 min just so you can get a good shower. It's tough but it'll do you both wonders - and teach him to try and get through it on his own without mama's touch.

    Like I said, take it for what it's worth! And hang in there. Lots of prayer, too! I remember praying with Mackie - and for myself with patience! You can do it!!

    - Amy

  2. Both my girls would do that until I took dairy out of my diet. Sucked, but it worked. I was able to add it back in before they were a year old without them reacting anymore.