Friday, November 11, 2011

three months

Dear little Henry,

You're three months old today! It seems like you learn something new every single day. You talk when we talk to you. You are starting to attempt to sit up and roll over, though the amount of energy you expend leaves you desperate for a nap. You loooove to cuddle and end up turned on your side to face mom or dad when you're sleeping next to us.

This has been a big month for you. You went on your first long road trip to meet the great grandmas.You were a trooper and made it nine hours with only one stop.

You visited the apple orchard and dressed up as a pumpkin for Halloween.

You can play for 45 minutes at a time. You love to lie on the floor on your monkey blanket, swing in the kitchen while I make dinner and bat at toys in your gym. You rarely cry now, mostly when it's time to sleep. Speaking of sleep, you've cut back to one night feeding and have slept through the night half a dozen times. Oh baby boy, thank you!

The most exciting thing this month was your recognition of mom and dad's faces and voices. There is nothing better than watching your face light up when daddy arrives home or when mama picks you up after a nap. You can follow us across the room now and you crane your neck to find someone who is calling your name.

The sight of your little face makes me love you so much I feel it with my whole body.

We have two more weeks before I go back to work. Bring on the walks, shopping, cuddling and giggling!

I love you, Henry. LOVE.


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  1. The three month mark is a big one, because the next year and a half will be fun and so amazing. They start sleeping better, do a new trick almost every day, and are incredibly social. I felt like that was the time period when we coasted along with parenting. Enjoy it!!