Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ten months

Dear Henry,

Double digits, man! You're just a joy in our life. You've mastered sitting down from standing and discovered the art of the rapid crawl. You'll even crawl into a different room to explore. You're stranger anxiety seems to be waning, and you just rarely ever cry.

You've started to wave a little and you've added more letters to your babbling and know that mama is me. You respond to your name and "look." Sleeping has become easier and you go to sleep without much fuss and sleep generally til 4 a.m. when you wake up for a quick snack before sleeping until 7 a.m.

You love playing with other kids and laugh when they are with you, walk by you or can be seen from a distance. Same with animals.You reach out when you want something and lift up your arms when you want to be picked up.You've learned what no means and give the most sad face ever when you're told to stop doing something. It makes my heart ache but seriously, you cannot eat cat hair.

Your favorite foods are still chunks of cheese, Cheerios, chicken and brown rice, anything Mexican (true story) and most vegetables. You're good with bananas and pears but other fruits you aren't so sure about the texture.

This month you've been taking Kindermusik classes where you've been dancing, shaking, singing and listening. When I play my violin for you, you sing along. You also went to Minnesota this month to hang out with the family and some of your little friends. For my first Mother's Day, you made me a stone with your clay hand prints, which will be fun to look back at.

We love you little man!


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  1. I love that little drool drop in all the pictures!