Wednesday, June 27, 2012

pumping, el fin

Dear Medela Pump in Style,

We had a good run the last 10 months visiting each other three times a day. Me in an office chair and book, you whirring away filling up those tubes with magic milk.

But the time has come where you just aren't working anymore. At least for me. Your letdown feature has left my body unresponsive and 40 minutes of time with you leaves me with not even enough milk for a bottle. Which makes me mad.

Ultimately we worked together for Henry who has found that during the day he prefers solid food. Mornings, nights and weekends he wants the milk but thankfully we don't need you for that.

I'll be boiling all your little parts and packing you up in one final cleaning blitz. No more scrubbing pump parts every single night to prepare for the next day. No more lugging that black bag around like a second purse. I already feel lighter.

Til next time,


  1. Isn't that the best feeling? I don't miss that pump one bit. ;-)

  2. Way to go! I remember having somewhat of a problem when it was getting closer to Mackie's weaning time. I believe I even started her on cow's milk (per my doc's recommendation) once a day when she was almost 11 months old, and then twice a day to the point when she was a year, I nursed her one last time on the morning of her first birthday.

    My Medela finally bit the dust a month ago and I had to purchase a gently used one from my best friend who had the same one. I wasn't going to buy a new one to get me through the last four months, and I had my parts so (gasp!) I broke the "rules" of purchasing a used one.

    Happy weaning, mama!