Wednesday, July 11, 2012

eleven months

Sweet Henry,

I feel like you've grown into a little boy this month. You are curious, always pointing your index finger at something new as if you are waiting for an explanation. You love to wave at everyone in such a delicate little fashion. You are walking along furniture guiding yourself with one hand. Any day now I will look and see you doing it all on your own.

This month has brought a new level of love for stuffed animals, which you hug passionately. Books are suddenly much more interesting and you are able to point to the sun and water in your Hello, Animals book. You have quite the sense of humor and love to play peekaboo games and have me chase you as you crawl rapidly across the room. You have been a help as we pack for moving to a new house this month, holding down the box flaps so mama can tape them. I can see that unpacking though will be your forte.

Your favorite foods this month are cheese, bananas, YoBaby yogurt, taco meat, black olives, Ritz crackers, carrots and sweet potatoes. You are in the process of mastering the sippy cup (with water) though if we're not careful you end up with a wet chest. Just this week you appear to have fully weaned despite my best efforts to keep you going. I will miss our time together more than I ever realized.

This month you celebrated Daddy's first Father's Day by taking a long nap together at his request. You attended your first wedding and wore the CUTEST sailor suit.

We celebrated Fourth of July with a trip to Powell Gardens where you played in the Fairies and Forts exhibit and then a party the next night where you touched your first snake.

You were unsure about fireworks, watching curiously but holding on tight.

One more month left in your first year. I can't believe it. You bring so much fun and laughter to our days!

Love you,

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