Tuesday, August 9, 2011

39 weeks

Baby boy,

There's nothing even to say about your development because you're done! Ready! LET'S GO!

Your mother has every sign labor is imminent except the whole regular contraction part and water breaking. Though I've had countless dreams that my water has broken so I feel like that should count. I've got contractions but they are completely unpredictable. Enough so that when I got up for communion Sunday night, I had to brace myself hoping one wouldn't hit and then everyone in the church would cringe as the large pregnant woman appeared to be going into labor in God's house and potentially soil the holy carpet with amniotic fluid.

Assuming you insist on staying cozy and warm, mama's last day of work is Friday. Thank goodness because my focus and patience are wearing thin. The morning greetings of "oh, you're still here?" help a lot.

Your grandparents are on the edge of the patience cliff as well. I have to answer the phone with "Hi, nothingishappeningofimportance." There's the twice-daily texts to check in and the buying a new GPS for the other car "just in case." Though I have become a freak about ensuring the dishes, laundry and vacuuming are done each day because I could most definitely not have a baby if there were a dirty bowl in the sink. Can you tell we're all really excited to meet you?

Technically you've got a whole week til everyone expected you. But when the TOTALLY INACCURATE midwife told me you'd be coming toward the end of July instead, this August 9th business is just silly.

That being said, I hope your gentle, patient, easygoing demeanor now translates to real life. Why don't you just come to the outside, and we'll find out? Please?!


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  1. I know that there is nothing helpful I can say...However, did you see that Mad Men is now an option on instant Netflix? Now would be a good time to start the series to distract yourself. Distraction is your only hope for sanity! Good luck! I can't wait to hear that he's here and healthy. :)