Monday, August 29, 2011

two years with you


Last year, I wrote about how everything had changed in our first year of marriage. I think it's safe to say even more has changed in our second year.

You supported me as I spent weekends running crazy miles to prepare for the half marathon.

I supported you through a job search and the eventually landing of a great new career! We did grad school together. We dressed up like gnomes.

We went to Belize where we climbed pyramids, drank coconut water, biked along the ocean and swam through caves.

This year we found out we were pregnant, and then went through nine months of physical and emotional changes as we prepared to welcome our son into the world. And then just two and a half weeks ago, he arrived in dramatic fashion. In the few hours of intense pain, I learned to put my trust in you in a way that I never had. Trusting you to be my advocate, to take care of me, to carry me through.

Postpartum, I laugh thinking of the barriers childbirth and recovery breaks down. Discussions I never thought we'd have or supplies I never thought I'd ask for you to pick up at Walgreens. But you've done it all with such ease, humor and kindness making me proud we are this close, even in the weirdest, most vulnerable moments.

Since Henry's arrival we've had moments of awe at what our love created and moments of tears wondering how we will make this all work and still have time for our marriage. Right now we're drowning in diapers, laundry, sleep deprivation and meals from boxes. And it's all a bit overwhelming. But as you tell me daily, we'll get through it together.

The reward is watching you with Henry. They way you obsessively take his picture, smile at his every expression, willingly get up for all the diaper changes at 3 a.m., 4 a.m., 5 a.m... Thinking about you teaching Henry how to be a man just makes me love you more.

I love us and the life we've created. One that we're proud of.

Happy two years Ginny.

Love you forever,


  1. Happy Anniversary! Your son is precious.

  2. this is so sweet! that couch photo makes my heart melt.