Friday, October 28, 2011

car places make me want to punch someone in the teeth

I have this tire. We fill it with air, it deflates after a few weeks. We fill it again. It's called budget car maintenance.

However after discovering a 98 percent flat tire, we bit the bullet. And by "we," I mean me. Shea made me an appointment at the tire store. I drove 51 blocks on said tire with a fussy baby in the back hoping for a nice little patch. But who really has ever gone to an auto repair store and left with anything nice or little (cheap)?

Instead of a patch or even just one tire, I got four. For $699. On sale. When they broke the news to me, I cried. Because isn't that what a girl in a car shop should do? I called the hubs with no success to ask what to do. Then called my dad. Then put on my big girl pants and got tires because, you know, we have this baby who we're supposed to be keeping alive.  

They promised it'd only take 90 minutes. I was planning on 30 so I was sans stroller or any sort of baby wearing device. Henry and I camped out in the waiting room watching TV and reading Field and Stream (seriously, why). This lasted four minutes before he started wailing. Simultaneously, the hubs accurately interpreted my rapid fire texting and texts "you probably hate me right now." I mean, really, I got married so I wouldn't have to do this crap.

With the choice of sitting around reading hunting magazines with crying child in a shop full of greasy men or hoofing across the entire shopping center with my 30-pound carseat to Target, I chose the latter. When I reached my shopping limit, I made it back to the shop once again only to be greeted by the mechanic with a list of things he wanted to do to my car: rear shocks, rear brakes, air filter, blah blah. I gave him the "I am paying you $700 today and you STILL have not put tires on my car? Do you see the fact I am currently juggling a fussy child, carseat, Target bag, blanket, Sophie the giraffe and a pacifier that keeps falling out?" look.

Three hours after leaving my house, we left for home. I must admit, the new tires feel nice, and I might even let the hubs sleep in the bed tonight.

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