Tuesday, October 11, 2011

two months

 Dear little Henry,

Today you're two months old! We've only known each other eight weeks but I struggle to remember the time when I hadn't seen your face yet. You've transformed from newborn to baby so quickly.

You're finally moving up to your 0-3 month clothing and your newborn pre-fold diapers are getting a little tight. I get panicky when I realize I am already needing to pack up some of your clothes. We think you're closing in on 12 pounds though we'll find out your official weight later this week at your doctor's appointment.

You lost a lot of your hair but it's slowly starting to reappear. You smile all the time especially when waking up after a good sleep, while kicking your rolly polly legs in the bath or when flapping your arms at a toy. You're awake much more during the day and take more regular naps, usually on my chest or snuggled up to my body.

Your sleep preferences still baffle us. Some nights you give us a good five-hour block. Sometimes you're up every 1.5 hours to nurse. You'll sleep the first block in your cradle but sleep the rest of the night with us (go ahead, judge me).Your reflux seems to be getting better as you age, and you nurse for longer but less often. I thank you. You've started to need to suck more and have developed a love for the pacifier. I caved.

We've enjoyed the BOB jogging stroller, which was a gift from my co-workers. You've never been held by so many doting women at once!

You love your activity gym, the elephant that plays songs, mirrors, lights, lampshades and a painting of the Hartford ship from Kansas. Grandpa Randy printed copies so you could have your painting wherever you are.

You've attended more K-State games and enjoyed the Ciderfest in Louisburg.

You went to the zoo for the first time and absolutely loved looking at the trees. You seem to ignore all animals for now including the zoo animals living in our house.

I see trees!
You seriously have the cutest face I think we've ever seen. Ever.

Love you little man,

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