Tuesday, January 25, 2011

13 weeks

Dear little baby,

This week, you're the size of a peach! Your intestines are forming in your abdomen, little bones are being built in your arms and legs and apparently you might be able to even suck your thumb. I'd really prefer you didn't though because we cannot afford braces.

Now that we're in our second trimester together, my body is loving you a bit more. Instead of nausea, I want to eat everything in sight though I'm trying really really hard to eat my fruits and veggies for you. Plus tacos. I envision a lot of your birthday parties consisting of a sombrero, singing waiters and fried ice cream. Sorry about that.

I'm also experiencing the importance of a lot of fiber and water in my diet since you insist on laying across my intestines. And round ligament pain? My body is expanding to accommodate you as you grow but holy moly, the sharp shots to the groin come unexpectedly!

Your daddy and I talk about you a lot more now. When we heard your heartbeat, you became all the more real to us. When we pray at church, daddy puts his hand on my growing belly. I've been looking at day care centers where you can spend your days. Slowly you're becoming part of us.

Keep growing, sweet thing. And enjoy the tacos.



  1. Well. I am crying now.
    Love you and your taco-loving Irish baby.

  2. Not to kill the mood, but PLEASE tell me that at least once you'll dress up him/her and Shea as a leprechaun. Even if it's for 5 minutes just to take a picture to send to me.

    They can wear a sombrero if they want too.

  3. Leprechauns do not wear sombreros...

    Haven't you seen the history channel David?

  4. Wow, apparently I am such a girl. I totally just got all teary-eyed reading this.

    I don't even know you, but I am excited for you.