Tuesday, February 1, 2011

14 weeks

Hello there little baby,

This week you're the size of a fist or lemon. Guess it depends whose fist we're talking about. This week you'll get some funny hair called lanugo all over your body. Have no fear, you will not be born this way. You'll get your own body fat to keep you warm instead. You're making your own urine - nice job! Even cuter, you can wiggle your little half-inch long feet.

Though my nausea is completely gone, sometimes I get a little dizzy. But right now the biggest change in my body is achy hips. My abdomen is growing to accommodate you, though no one can tell yet, and the growing pains can be more than a little uncomfortable. Two snow days this week (your first blizzard!) and plans to stay in my flannel pants are just what the doctor ordered for us.

All this ligament stretching is making me feel chunky, but I still don't have outside evidence that you're in there. Though the four pieces of pizza I just ate sorta resemble what I imagine you'll look like when you start pushing on my belly.

We are starting to get wedding invitations in the mail, and we calculate how old you'll be before we consider our RSVP. A summer is coming that will change our lives forever.

We love you. Keep growing, little one.


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  1. I love this! This is something I feel like I would do whenever I get pregnant. Congrats!