Tuesday, February 22, 2011

17 weeks

 Baby baby,

This week you're getting some body fat. It's the first thing we have in common!

Your cartilage is turning to bone, and you're now about the size of an onion, or five inches long. Your hair - eyelashes, eyebrows and hair on your head - is growing fast. You've got fingerprints now - officially able to be booked by police. Which will never happen because you're ours, so obviously perfectly behaved.

I thought I felt you move this week. We were in church and daddy's hands were on my belly during the prayer. I had just drank a cup of cold water. Then all of a sudden, three times in a row, little flutters like popcorn popping. It was different than the gas bubbles but I won't be sure til I feel you again.

I've had a bit more energy this week, and our friend Edie sent us a belly band which is a fabulous thing in the evenings. Still, barely a bump and most days, my pants fit just fine. Otherwise not much has changed this week.

We've got a big week ahead though - we get to see you! We're going to see all your parts, and we've been praying that everything is in its perfect place. That truly is all we care about, but seriously, if you don't want to wear green and yellow for the first months of your life, don't be shy. Show us the goods!

Love, love, LOVE you,



  1. Awww! Even though I'm nowhere near having a baby, I love reading all the updates :-) And I love that you think you felt the baby fluttering around. What an amazing feeling that must be.

  2. oh my word.. YOUR PREGNANT!!! Congratulations!! oh my goodness. How precious. Your post was so intimate and personal. I'm glad that your coming along fine and the baby is healthy. Praise God :)


  3. Popcorn popping - perfect way to describe it. I'm sure that was him. :) FUN FUN FUN. Drinking juice always got Ryle a-movin. :)

    Love you! Glad the belly band fits!