Sunday, January 1, 2012

the best year

In January,
I told everyone I was pregnant. And then it all seemed real when we heard a galloping heartbeat.

In February,
we made a video that eventually got a lot of YouTube views announcing we were having a boy. We also made a less popular video of our cat opening the door.

In March,
we registered for the baby boy. I talked about my aversion to a lot of baby stuff. I take back my hatred for pacifiers and infant car seats. The bumpers, nursing pads, pack n play, bouncy seat and huge swings? Haven't needed them yet.

We also went to Belize where Shea felt the baby kick for the first time. I also drank a lot of watermelon juice, climbed pyramids in 115 degree heat and rode bikes along the ocean.

In April, 
we accomplished some really big budget goals. Then I gave up sugar for a week but wimped out and ended up passing my glucose test regardless. 

In May, 
We moved into a rental house. Got a temporary roommate. I got bigger, our fridge stopped working and my little sister graduated from college. I also had the worst day ever.

In June,
I had my first shower and received a lot of cloth diapers. Then it started to get really hot, and I got proportionately moodier.

In July, 
we had two more showers. Freaked out about the car seat,  and then freaked out about our marriage never being the same. Lots of freaking out.

In August, 
I gave birth really, really quickly after crying eight hours before that I COULD NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE. Henry heard me apparently. Then I lost blood and had iron infusions. And slowly got better. There was a lot of crying and not much sleeping from all members of the household. 

In September,
life was hard. And too busy for eating and showering. We were totally in love and totally and completely overwhelmed.

In October, 
Henry got a cousin. And I got new tires.

In November,
I celebrated turning 29 with pizza in bed. Henry started giggling. And I started work.

In December, 
we completely failed at getting Henry to sleep in his crib. But succeeded in making him way cute for his baptism.

By far the best year of my life but also the most challenging. I have no idea what 2012 has in store but I am confident my average weight will be less and my sleep will be more.

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  1. I seriously love your blog. I think it's because so much of our lives seem so parallel. Well, duh. I did find it when googling something (Lord knows what) about baby stuff. We're the same age-ish (ok, I might be a little older), our faith, baby boy the same age. But anyway, my hubs and I just started Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey too. Your blogs about it have been very encouraging because I'm in total denial about it at the moment.