Tuesday, January 3, 2012

obligatory resolutions post

Last year I didn't have time for resolutions because I was too busy trying to keep raw almonds and buttered noodles in my stomach and avoid smells like deodorant, cookies and lotion. Weird smellage and queasy stomach turned into a Henry.

There's something about this kid that makes me want to be a better person. So here it goes.

Get Henry to sleep in his crib or at least give it the good ol' college try.
We tried for four days. High-fived, rejoiced and then accepted defeat. We gave up because the holidays busted any semblance we had of a routine. Then on Christmas, Henry slept on his own but in our bed which means he does not need us particularly but just prefers a cozy bed to a stark crib. In this moment I realized a almost-five-month-old is bossing me around.

Routine and organization. Routine and organization.
I thrive on chaos but in a really unhealthy, angry sort of way. The fact I have multiple junk drawers, multiple to-do lists and a refrigerator that needs a hazmat crew makes me often feel like my world is falling apart. I will post about my actual plan to fix this when I find time to make a plan.

Do things to make my body less mushy.
I am back at or below my pre-preg weight but when they say your body changes, it's true. When I sit, there is this weird mushy stomach roll that I never have seen before. I got a Garmin Forerunner for Christmas last year. For my birthday, I got new running shoes. All signs point to me working running back into my life. See previous resolution.

Go on at least one date every month.
We thought we'd be immune from the post-baby marriage hurdles because we're best friends and love each other. We are not immune. It's hard to find a babysitter. Hard to have enough energy to want to dress up (i.e. something other than sweatpants and a ponytail) and go on a date. Hard to go on dates and not talk about running to Target afterward because I'm out of wipes. Hard to be light and happy when I am totally ticked off after discovering there are no diapers left and I have to get up at 3 a.m. to switch the dirty ones to the dryer so they are ready in time for daycare.

Pay it forward.
We've had a lot of people do a lot of really nice stuff for us. I fail miserably in doing enough for other people.  So I've decide in 2012, I'll focus on the other new moms in my life who need a friendly face in the hospital, a freezable dinner dropped off, a date night or just an encouraging email. I will be a better friend.

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  1. Very sweet post with really awesome list...I'm sure you'll do GREAT!