Wednesday, January 11, 2012

five months

My sweet little Henry,

Happy five months! I skipped month four because it was really busy - the beginning of many motherly oops moments.

You are changing crazy fast. You had done your mother well by sleeping til 5 a.m. or even later. You've regressed, though, and throw in a 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. feeding, sometimes complete with crying. The articles tell me you're growing and developing so fast you need more food and also just have more trouble sleeping. I tiredly repeat, it's only a phase.

You grab for everything now especially my hair but even glasses of water. You are the loudest baby I've met and routinely scream happily (but very high-pitched) in public places. You get louder if you think people are talking to each other rather than you. You don't care much about rolling over and have found your feet only a few times but you are DYING to sit up and try your hardest. You love playing in your gym and walker (circa 1983) and will sit quietly while Daddy reads you books. I spend a lot of time trying to distract your gaze from the TV.

The last two months you met your extended family including cousins Jace and Adilyn in Minnesota, started daycare, met Santa and the Grinch, got baptized by Pastor Scott, attended an ugly Christmas sweater party, had your first Christmas and added two states to your list when you cheered on K-State at the Cotton Bowl.

Godmother Ashley at your baptism
You want to eat more. You still hate your crib. You fall asleep with your hand on my cheek which is partially why I am not making you learn to love your crib. The Cloud B giraffe and my old baby blanket are your favorite loveys at night. I'm not sure I'm ready to give up my blanket to you. Maybe you'll get it as a reward for not spitting up on my dry-clean only coat again.

The bigger you get, the more wonderful and more confusing this parenting thing becomes.

I love you, always.


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  1. OMG. US TOO! You are NOT alone Mama! Used to sleep through the night... now waking up at 2am and 5am, wouldn't go back to sleep at 5am this morning, and screamed for an hour and a half. Screaming at bedtime now too. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!