Friday, December 3, 2010

I am..

feeling extremely unmotivated to be running and mad at myself for it. It's cold. And the 64 degrees we keep our apartment at to save money makes it VERY hard to get out of my warm bed in the morning.

loathing laundry. I do laundry at my parent's house. Then it comes home in baskets and sits there. Then I still have at least three loads to do at our apartment. Plus, I still need to find another box to pack up the rest of our summer clothes to put in our nonexistent storage.

in love with the homemade chicken noodle soup I made last night. I am declaring this winter as the one where I add more soups to my cooking routine. Suggestions, please?

kind of lonely. There is something about the work, materialism and stress that comes with holidays that makes me ache deeply for more innocent times and child-like wonder. 

excited about the weekend. Spending time with several groups of friends, getting our final project for class done, celebrating the first anniversary of our church with dinner/comedy show and hopefully making more soup.

Happy weekend to you!


  1. I loath laundry too and the process of folding it and putting it away is the worst. It comes to the point when I just dump it on my bed so that I have to fold it in order to sleep.

  2. I loathe laundry. We usually don't do laundry until my husband is out of underwear :)

    I am also in a slump with running. I'm just...kind of over it right now. I hope that I will become more motivated when it gets closer to spring and is warmer. I hate being cold!

  3. Laundry is my worst nightmare. I always get this idea that I'm going to get it all done, and then I end up procrastinating and it takes me three days to do two loads of laundry.