Thursday, December 16, 2010

frugality strikes again!

Dave Ramsey has once again foiled my plans.

We got in our heads that we wanted a house. BAD. Our apartment is fabulously large and cheap. Plus we pay one utility - electric - which averages at $40 during the winter. Friends, we have it good.

But the hard parts are the complete lack of storage. The inability to have people over. No where to grill or let Mac the dog run at least without a visit to the dog park. No bedroom door which means no separation between us and our needy animals. So in our frustration and the fact our lease ends next week, we started to look at houses. They were cute and financially possible unless you factor in utilities for a house that has gas heat. Then we found the PERFECT house and the woman was willing to negotiate.

We redid our budget for hours. And hours. We thought about giving up the iPhone, not paying so much extra on our mortgage or not putting ALL that money in savings. I started to get weepy because that's what budgeting, especially Dave Ramsey style, does to me. I hate him and his stupid money theories sometimes. Especially when I am looking at a fenced in yard and fire pit. But he is stuck in my head and no matter how much I try, it's like a nagging little voice that just won't shut up.

We knew we had to say no. In a last ditch effort to not make the hard decision, we offered her a ridiculously low rent with the assumption that in a year we could pay more. She considered it. But then another guy ponied up and is signing her lease.

Sometimes it's easier when God closes a door.

In a year, our second mortgage will be paid off. That's $28,000 paid off in two years plus a much better opportunity to sell the condo in the nearer future. In addition, this strict budget has allowed us to pay off a credit card ($2,000),  pay off a car ($8,500) and create an emergency fund.

So we'll live cheap for 365 more days. And will live so far below our means that our debt will get smaller. We'll be able to stay on track. That'll be good. I just don't always like it.

"You don't get to say "yes" until you've said "no" for  a while."


  1. Have you tried using a baby gate for your bedroom door? Just a thought.

  2. Its so hard living so cheaply. I know how you feel! We have to do it too... Only we are not paying off debts or putting anything into savings. I wish we could have a house with a backyard for Buddy too. Someday we shall have houses and backyards, I suppose!

  3. Ugh worst. feeling. ever! I'm sorry you didn't get a house, but you have the most positive outlook on a crummy situation I have seen in someone under 30. I'll be praying that this time next year I will be reading a blog that says you have gotten into the house of your dreams and have the best savings/Dave Ramsey budget working together perfectly.