Monday, December 13, 2010

cookie extravaganza

Christmas is about cookies. Apparently. So Johanna and I faithfully followed tradition and made a lot of them. I packed up my baking supplies because when you're married, you have the cool stuff like a really thin cookie spatula.
We started with Oreo balls, which look...gross.

But much better as a finished product. I mean, I think I made a lot of them. I don't really know because three days later they are all gone. Mystery! (clue: they give me migraines, and I do not eat them)

Add in peanut blossoms, iced lemon rounds and molasses cookies.

And the grand finale, and my favorite peppermint bark. Thankfully there was a man around...

Instead of these cookies ending up in cute little tins to hand out to my neighbors and co-workers, it seems they have ended up in my stomach. Stay tuned for cookie extravaganza, part two.


  1. These all look delish! Those oreo balls look really yummy!

  2. The oreo balls were amazing!