Wednesday, May 18, 2011

a pass and a fail

The most important news: I passed the glucose test, with flying colors I might add.

I drank the sugary drink, which much to my surprise was only a small five ounces. And it was not red and fruity, and I did not have a choice of flavors. Instead I got flat Sprite, which really was not THAT sweet. To my surprise, I didn't feel nauseated or dizzy until close to the time of the blood draw. Though I was glad I'd eaten eggs and a cheese stick for breakfast otherwise it might have been a different story.

I then had my normal appointment which we found out:
1. I've gained a total of 19 pounds, which the doctor likes. I think six pounds in four weeks is a bit intense but she insists it's healthy for me.
2. Baby is now head down. YAY! He could still move around but midwife says that in smaller women they usually stay head down until they arrive. He hasn't "engaged the pelvis" yet.
3. If we're doing Bradley Method, I can stay home until I feel the urge to push. Woah.

An hour later, the nurse came to give me the finger prick. As recommended, I asked if I could have a regular blood test, but was denied. However, the finger pricker was much different than the other ones I've seen and didn't hurt, even a little, despite my scrunched up face.

She came back with the good news I passed the glucose test. However, I failed the hemoglobin counts meaning I'm anemic. Midwife says this is why I've been feeling crummy. I'm happy for a reason and happy that fixing it only means iron pills and eating more hamburgers.

I celebrated this happiness and a healthy baby boy by eating an entire can of spaghetti o's and a pudding pack. Because I can.

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  1. that's great! glad they figured out what's been making you feel off lately : )