Monday, May 16, 2011

the one i've been dreading

Since I have gotten pregnant, I've been dreading this appointment. I've had it ominously marked on my calendar since January.

I was a little nervous about the multiple vials of blood I had to give initially. I am a pretty nervous about the whole pushing the baby out of my body in 13ish weeks (what?!). But I am downright terrified of my glucose test Wednesday.

First, I have to go in and chug gross, sugary juice at 11 a.m. Then I have my regular appointment to hear the heartbeat, talk about odd things like "do you allow squatting?" I have to do all this without passing out or throwing up from the intense sugar rush. Considering I had to lie on the floor of my coworker's office for an hour this morning after eating OATMEAL, I have lost all confidence in my ever-shrinking stomach. Luckily the hubs is accompanying me to hold the barf bag.

Then I have to go back to the lab at exactly one hour and get my finger pricked. This is the part that makes me want to pee my pants.

Last time I had to get my finger pricked for a cholesterol test, I almost fainted. At work. Give me a long needle in those visible arm veins any day over knowing that at any second I will get stabbed in my poor finger pads. 

Here I am facing the most pain I've ever faced in just a few months, and I am mostly worried about my fingers. Super lame, I know. And if I fail, which many people do, it's the three-hour test with blood drawn every half hour. Oh my soul.

Any tips from ladies that have taken this test? 


  1. For me, the glucose test wasn't as bad as I thought! I was dreading the drinks, but they had three different flavors. (If you are offered lemon-lime, I hear it's super gross). I opted for the fruit punch flavor and it was sort of like a Gatorade/Hawaiian Punch plus extra sugar sort of drink. Hope all goes well! Remember, you've been doing your best health-wise for this baby...there are just some things you can't control (as in glucose tests!).

  2. Good luck! I actually didn't think the test was bad either. I thought it was going to be worse! Hope everything goes great and just think'll be done before you know it!

  3. Just think - in less than 50ish hours (if, if, IF you need to do the extended testing) it will all be over and that time will come and go quickly.

    Prayin' for ya, lady.

  4. good luck, hon! Maybe you could think of it this way-- if you end up not passing, then it's a DARN good thing you went in there and took that test. Taking the test isn't going to change whether or not you have it in the first place, right? and if you have to be on insulin for a while, it will only make you feel better than how you've been feeling lately.

    And if you do pass? Yay!! Either way, this test is win/win.

    ...Except for the whole finger pricking business : ( I hope you get a cute bandaid?

  5. I JUST had my glucose test last week and it was not bad AT ALL. Mine went like this: drank pink "fruit punch" was literally only like 6 ounces, two swallows and gone, sat in the waiting room for 5 minutes, went to have my "regular appointment," went downstairs and had blood drawn out of my arm. I did not have to have my finger pricked at all. After the appointment and shot (I have to get progesterone shots), the hour had gone by so quickly.

    And seriously, after I was done, I thought, "that was it? THAT is what everyone makes a big deal about...??" I'm sure every doctor does it a little differently, but I'm hoping yours is easy breezy too!

  6. dont stress out about it and look away from the needle and blood! you'll do great!

  7. I don't know if you can ask the lab tech, but I had a vial taken from the vein in my arm before and after the drink, not a finger prick. You might see if they could do that?

  8. I plan to ask tomorrow if they can do that. I'll threaten fainting if they don't :)