Tuesday, June 14, 2011

31 weeks

Baby boy,

You're getting bigger - seems to be a pattern every week eh? You're getting pretty close to your birth length but you have another 3-5 pounds to pack on before you make your exit.

Mama was feeling pretty good until the last 48 hours. After sleeping 11 hours on Saturday night, I slept four hours on Sunday night - making for a not so happy Monday. You see, my hips hurt. And my back. And my ankles and wrists. My hands are swollen. My legs are super sore and cramp several times in the night, usually when I am getting up to pee, which is now quite frequently. I hoping it was just overdoing it Saturday with six hours of errands, planting flowers, walking and a bit of theater and that normalcy will return. Monday night was much better so here's hoping. I'm trying to consider it training for life when you're on the outside wanting my attention when I used to sleep.

I've been having way more vivid dreams. Sunday night I dreamt over and over about a conversation I had at church about how I didn't need to get swaddling blankets (except for the very thin ones) because you'll be a heat of the summer baby. After waking up sweating at least five times thinking about it, I got up at 4:15 a.m. to delete them from our registry. Seriously, your mother might be going crazy.

We bought some things for your nursery followed by an hour of random crafting. Daddy painted your new shelf and I painted little blocks in our nursery colors. This weekend we hit another big milestone when we attend childbirth class. Considering how we both have non-feelings about the whole process of your entry into the world, I hope this doesn't rattle our nerves.

We're in the single-digit week countdown now! Can't wait to meet you face to face.


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  1. It seems so stressful and hard to be pregnant, but you are doing it so gracefully! :)