Tuesday, June 21, 2011

32 weeks

Baby boy,

Now we're less than two months to go. You're just shy of four pounds and 16-19 inches long, depending which book you read - let's just say you're big and running out of room. You're rolling around in there and your feet are in my ribs. My stomach bulges out on one side as you change positions. Your head is in just the right spot so that when I stand up after sitting for awhile I feel electric shock like pain, my right leg goes numb and I have to pee like I haven't peed in days. Braxton Hicks are getting a lot more frequent. Guess we're both practicing for the big day.

The family started a betting pool on your name. We have had that one nailed down from the day we found out you were a boy. We have two middle names that we are trying to decide between but either way, I think you'll have a strong name.

At our appointment last week you had the hiccups during the heartbeat check. This was on of my top five moments of pregnancy. My heart just melted, and I cannot wait to meet you!

This week you'll travel to Minnesota to see family. You were there before, when you were the size of a little pea. All your mother asks is that you do not do anything silly while on the airplane. Just keep your sweet self right where you are for at least five more weeks.

Love you much.

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