Wednesday, June 22, 2011

more about natural

Caveat to this post:  I don't care what other people choose to do for their birth plan. People handle pain differently. People believe differently. People have different levels of risk tolerance. Making a person and bringing it into the world is something to be applauded and revered no matter the method or approach.

That being said, yikes, people are sensitive. From the comments on my blog (I don't publish name calling comments, so play nice or go play somewhere else) to the natural birth forums and blogs I read it's clearly a topic people love to argue about. And get all judgey about. I do think it's something to be informed about and not decide without research. To know the risks to the baby and the mother. To know the advances in medical technology. But to be open about because as my friend Elizabeth says, expect the unexpected with kids, even the being born ones.

I want to go natural because I believe I can. Because I believe God made me for a purpose such as this. I'm anxious but not scared. The more I can stay calm and confident, the better I'll do.

Because the risks associated with epidurals - spinal migraines, paralysis (however rare), needing more drugs since you can't feel the pushing or contractions, more risk of c-section - scare me more than pain.

Because I want to have the freedom to walk around during labor and let nature do its work rather than be confined to a bed.

Because I want to be alert and have an alert baby who can breastfeed immediately. 

Because I want an empowering experience that I can only imagine is a thousand times better than the feeling of crossing a finish line after a long race.

Our midwife asks us to fill out a birth plan and even though she didn't have a natural birth, she is supportive of her patients that want one. I love my midwife and the nurses I met in the hospital seemed fantastic as well. But, I also believe in a strong birth plan and an advocate-minded husband. Medical professionals have many different motivations and just like mothers, have different beliefs on what's best. But as long as there are no medically necessary interventions, it's my body and my experience - something I feel comfortable and appropriate dictating. Besides I am making little hand and feet cookies for the nurses - because who doesn't love cookies?

However, if I walk in with a wishy-washy plan, I'll waver for sure. Hence the plan and the husband. If I am in labor for 30 hours and no progress will I take drugs? Um, yes. If the baby is in danger, and I need a c-section or continuous fetal monitoring in order to ensure his safety will I do it? Of course!

But I firmly believe birth is a natural process that my body has prepared for nine months to go through. And for me, trying my hardest to experience that process without drugs is important for my health and little baby's health. If it doesn't go the way I planned, I'm OK with that as long as I get a cute, breathing little baby on the other side.

I can live with myself it it doesn't go as planned. I can't live with myself if I don't trust myself enough to try.


  1. Amen Sister! To each their own. I definitely feel the same way you do in that I want to be alert & want an alert baby. I will be doing more research when the time comes of course!

  2. I agree with all my heart. Your plan is the same as my plan. I am excited to trust in my body and let it do what centuries of women have done successfully before me. If there are complications that will require a different plan or method then I will cross that bridge when told to for the safety of my child and me. I love this post!

  3. Amen and good for you :) I've done it 3 times and wouldn't change it for the world. God made our bodies to give birth.

  4. AnonymousJune 24, 2011

    I love you. You are going to do great, no matter what. Giving birth is the hardest and most wonderful thing you'll ever do, until the second it is over. Then, being a parent takes that spot. :)