Tuesday, June 28, 2011

33 weeks


You're about the weight of a pineapple- pushing four pounds. Your skeleton is hardening except for the bones in your skull which will stay soft so you can enter the world. You could grow a full inch this week, and your bubble of fluid has maxed out which explains the sharper feeling of movement.

Your mother has perfected the waddle as you continue to put more pressure lower in her abdomen. We seem to be entering that point in pregnancy when the symptoms are less popular to talk about. Most of them involve some type of blood or fluid. I am very hungry but unfortunately have lost the love of eating. I swear I've been re-piped and all my food goes down to some imaginary box that sits on my lungs. Though according to the scale at home I've put on at least three pounds in two weeks. Apparently my eating habits are unrelated to weight gain. We've started to have to pee a lot more now, especially when standing up after a couple hours of sitting.

I've been having nightly dreams about you - mostly regarding your entrance into the world. None scary but often weird like giving birth in an apartment above the airport. My belly is like a huge basketball and sometimes I have to put my hands on top of it during meetings so people aren't distracted by the rolling waves or bulges.

Now that we've made our final trip to Minnesota, we're entering our nesting phase. This week we have a doctor's appointment to ask a bunch of questions post-childbirth class (where's my valet parking, dangit?), preparing to pack the hospital bag (I finally bought my tiny shampoo, success!) and filling out a ton of paperwork.

You'll be considered full-term in four weeks. FOUR.

Must go make more lists.

Love you,


  1. You're adorable. Your letters to little man are not cheesy, but rather hilarious and true. :) Really excited for you and Shea over the next few weeks!

  2. AnonymousJune 28, 2011

    I've been enjoying the weekly letters..thank you for sharing/letting me follow on your journey!

    Tori (A Journey to a new me)

  3. AnonymousJune 28, 2011

    Favorite part of this blog: "Must go make more lists."