Monday, February 6, 2012


This weekend was dominated by teething and the crying, diaper rash and wet chin mess that goes with it. Poor kid.

In preparation for the great solid food experimentation, I attempted to make baby food which really means making human food and blasting it into liquid form. I used this site for inspiration.

Sweet potatoes: Bake for an hour until skins easily peel off. Mash in bowl. Puree in blender. I could have probably skipped the blender part but I was on a roll.

Pears: Peel and core. Boil for five minutes. Liquefy in blender. I am not usually a huge pear fan but this was delicious!

Carrots: Steamed with rice cooker sans rice. Puree in blender.

I froze everything in ice cube trays and then moved the blocks into freezer bags to store. I am awaiting my Oxo trays to arrive before I make more. Frozen peaches, peas and bananas up next.

We tried a teeny bit a applesauce this weekend. I am not sure if the applesauce was a hit or if it was the cold metal spoon but either way, he wanted more.

More reading: Interesting article from my pediatrician's office on myths of starting solids.

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