Wednesday, February 22, 2012

sick little baby

Today I learned that there is nothing more terrifying than the sick child waiting room at the pediatrician. Lots of snot, raspy coughs, whiny noises and germs floating through the air. If you weren't sick when you walked in that place, you surely were when you left.

Usually we get to sit on the well child side, but after battling a fever that finally spiked at 104 we found ourselves among the sickies. My poor little guy is the sickest I have seen him - barely opening his eyes, constant moaning, a cough followed by scrunched up pain face. One snot test later, the doctor confirmed he has Influenza A. Three weeks shy of the flu shot booster. Sweet luck.

When she was explaining to me how he's high risk for developing complications like ear infections or pneumonia, I cried. In my head I was already in a room at Children's Mercy and Henry had IVs in his arms. That's just the kind of crazy I am.

We left with a prescription for Tamiflu which took two pharmacies to find and a $90 co-pay - news the pharmacist was dreading telling me after seeing my tired, tear-stained face holding a whimpering little baby.

Daddy is at a work convention in Vegas and Grandma should be arriving any minute. We've all had our flu shots. If we don't get sick, consider this a walking testament to JUST GET YOUR FLU SHOT, PEOPLE.


  1. My girls (ages 2 and 5 at the time) contracted the flu. It was long and terrible. They did get better though! What frustrates me about people and the flu shot is they actually think that the flu is some sort of cold. People, it's not. You do not get the flu from the flu shot. Get a flu shot!

  2. Oh, I hope he's feeling better soon! Good luck to you both, and I'll send good thoughts your way.

  3. Poor baby! My husband and I both got our flu shots (for the first time in yearsssss) back when C was teeny. I hope your little guy feels better soon. Hang in there Mama!