Sunday, February 12, 2012

six months

 Dear Henry,

Happy half birthday! You are the happiest boy I know.You looooove cuddling and have started reaching out for whoever you prefer. You stroke my cheek and pull my hair for comfort. You talk loudly to the pets and love grabbing their fur. Your grumpy cat, Pica, actually tolerates you the most. She might even like you.Your dog Mac is the source of much curiosity.


You're a little guy though seem so big to mama and daddy. You weigh in at 15.1 pounds and 25 inches long - 10th percentile. You can wear three month pants but starting to wear the six month outfits. Your newborn pre-folds are getting more difficult to wrap around your growing waist and chunky thighs.

It's been such a fun month but hard sometimes, too. You have two teeth (on the bottom) now which didn't come in without fussy pain. Sometimes we think we've got you all figured out and then you scream in the middle of the night for what seems like no reason at all. You always send up in the cry room at church during sermon time but always end up smiling at total strangers and friends alike.

You are starting to get the hang of daycare and smile when you see Miss Mindy. Sometimes you come home with cute stickers on your back. You'll be crawling around with the others in no time. You also have showing fear, mainly for loud noises like the coffee grinder or blender that never bothered you before.

We've been busy with class and work but you take it all in stride. We love you so much little man!


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