Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beyond customer satisfaction

AT&T DSL and I do not get along. We’ve called over a dozen times in the last three weeks, had a tech come out and take our wall apart and downgraded our service. We have been told we just need to turn our modem off and on, we need a new modem, nothing is wrong, we need another new modem, our security alarm is blocking the DSL signal, the modem needs to be on a hard surface, we are too far away from the DSL box so we need to downgrade our service, and well, it says it's working!

Events of today:
10 a.m. Call our technican’s cell phone and tell him that although I downgraded our service, the Internet works for no longer than three minutes at a time. He tells me to call AT&T and downgrade one more speed level.

11:15 a.m. I call AT&T. She tells me that the downgrade was just completed 20 minutes ago. So, I should wait a little bit to see if it gets better. If not to call back before 5 p.m. and they will put the order in to downgrade it another speed. Fine.

2 p.m. I call AT&T again because I can’t even get more than an email to load before it blanks out again. Using Instant Netflix not even an option. DSL light is red every other minute.

Customer service man: Well, the downgrade you requested yesterday is still pending.

Me: I called someone at 11 a.m. who told me it was completed 20 minutes ago.

CSM: Well, I am sorry if you that is what you understood from your previous call, but we guarantee the change will be completed by 8 p.m. However, right now it is still pending.

Me: Why would she tell me it was completed 20 mins ago. That seems kind of specific for someone that's lying.

CSM: I don’t know who you talked to but I am sorry, it is still pending. Is there anything else I can do to make sure you are a satisfied customer?

Me: Um. No. That’s pretty much impossible.

CSM: Well, ma’am. Thank you for being an AT&T customer! We are delighted to have your business!

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