Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Netflix Education

No cable has ironically given us more knowledge of the TV shows all the kids talk about. Except we can’t really talk about it with the cool kids because we are perpetually a year behind. 

Big Bang Theory: Unexpectedly hilarious and a new favorite. The theme song alone is happiness-inducing. 

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Funny in an uncomfortable Larry David way.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia: More like partly cloudy with a huge side of inappropriateness. Sometimes too offensive and other times just really annoying to watch three whole minutes of four people all talking at the exact same time.

30 Rock: LOVE. Potentially better than Gilmore Girls but still undetermined. Unfortunately we finished the three available seasons and now must wait. Tina Fey makes my pajama-wearing, no hair-brushing, spilled-food-on-the-shirt days acceptable.

How I Met Your Mother: More love. This show however has been in a waiting pattern for about six months as we are unable to watch the current season without messing up our order and already finished the DVDs. I NEED to know who the mother is!

LOST: Hated the first five episodes but getting better. Observations:
1.       That island is far too big for it not to be known.
2.       Where is the beauty salon located on the island? These people look more groomed and beautiful than I looked on my wedding day.
3.       Why are they not more injured after crashing in a plane with nothing but a few scratches? You know, except for the dead people.
4.       There seem to be a lot of helpful tools in the checked luggage. Guns? An ax? Medications? Herbal tea? Needles? Bandages? Hunting knives? A hot doctor? Clearly this was a pre-meditated crash.

Jon and Kate Plus 8: I never watched it until unemployment coupled with Instant Netflix forced me to. It has taught me that 1. You can be a really irritating wife but a good mother. 2. Kids, especially eight of them, produce a lot of disgusting bodily functions. 3. Since I know the ending – the lawsuits, the affairs, the ridiculousness, not quite as charming of a show.

Next up: Mad Men, Six Feet Under, Weeds, Chuck and Glee


  1. My favorites out of those are LOST, Glee, and Mad Men. We also really like Dexter, but it may be a little too bloody/graphic for you.

  2. GLEE! GLEE! GLEE! I would highly suggest bumping this to the top of the list! April 13th is just around the corner and you will not want to miss the first episode of the new season!

  3. I have Glee and Chuck and Dexter, if you think you can handle it.

    Also, no one could look more beautiful than you looked on your wedding day.