Sunday, February 21, 2010

Food, glorious food

It was a good cooking weekend for us.

Friday I made egg bread. Shea’s reaction when he got home: “You MADE bread? And not with a bread maker? How do you even do that?” A lot of kneading and building up my biceps, my dear. It turned out pretty good. A little floury tasting, but acceptable for a first attempt.

We ate the bread with Creamy Spinach Soup, a recipe from my Healthy Cooking for Two cookbook. Very tasty, easy and super healthy! Then we were craving dessert but unwilling to break our no-eating-out rule, so we made pie with graham cracker crumbs, vanilla and chocolate pudding. It tasted way better than the manure it looks like.

Saturday morning, Shea continued our new tradition of making breakfast while I lay in bed being lazy. Last week was French toast, this week pancakes. This is aided by our new griddle which makes Shea an excellent breakfast chef.

Saturday night we broke the eating out rule but we used a gift card from our very kind and generous friends Edie and Seth.We watched the K-State game (#7 and climbing!) at Gordon Biersch Brewery in the Power and Light district. And then the snow began to fall.

Sunday we awoke to major ice, something not experienced in Minnesota. When we left for church in the evening, we chiseled away at a car coated in three inches of slushy ice. Then, Shea made yummy chicken, peas and rotini casserole but refused to take a picture because he’s mad at the chicken for not cooking itself before he mixed it in the casserole.

 For two fairly novice cooks, I am proud of us.

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