Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chocolate bag and mediocre sushi

Shea hates Valentines Day.

A fake holiday filled with expensive Hallmark cards, mediocre-tasting candy hearts and over-priced floral arrangements. But despite his hatred, he woke up early on a Saturday morning (10 am) and made me fancy french toast. (Using the 27-inch griddle we bought Friday night with leftover wedding gift cards)

Fifteen episodes of 30 Rock later, we dressed up for our dinner reservations at Nara in the Crossroads District. So begins our hunt for the best sushi in Kansas City. We haven't had sushi since a bad experience at Japan world in Epcot on our honeymoon.

The atmosphere was cool, our ordering technique poor. After the traditional edamame, we had salmon nigri (B+), spicy yellowtail roll (B except for the last piece which required spitting in my napkin) and the special Valentines Day roll. The first time I've had warm sushi rolls, and definitely the last.

Halfway through the evening, Shea decided the table was too close to him and proceeded to push a quite heavy table toward me. As he got the "Crap, this is not going to end well" eyes, my full water glass crashed toward me, my coat and my open purse.

Waiter, arriving with rag: "I'm sorry about that."
Me: "Yeah..this is not your fault."
Waiter: "It's my job around here to take blame. So. I'm REALLY sorry."

Luckily, we are married and unlike the dozens of awkward, wide-eyed couples around us, we chuckled and continued dissolving our wasabi in soy sauce.

We finished the evening with Shea's first chocolate bag at McCormick and Schmick's on the Plaza.

So, despite a hatred of Valentines Day, I think we did pretty good.

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  1. Spitting out sushi? Disgraceful.

    Glad you found some fish in KC, though. ;)