Thursday, February 18, 2010

Total Money Makeover of Tears

Our first reading of Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover ended in tears.

Because: Dave says we can't do things like go on vacation if we have debt. But I want to go on vacation in the next two years. And our debt won't be paid off by then. But what if we waste our whole lives paying off debt and look back and realize we never went anywhere or ate anything good or saw anything awesome because we were so focused on having zero debt. But what if we regret spending money on that stuff after we do it? BUT, I need a vacation before my tummy becomes not flat because there is a baby in there. And that seems like a really reasonable and totally not superficial reason to go on a vacation.What about a house, though? We want a house, but that darn Minnesota condo and the bad real estate market. And oh my, the student loans! Which comes first though, the baby or the house? Can you have a baby in a medium-sized apartment with one bedroom that doesn't have a real door? Probably. So, say we have the baby in the small apartment before we buy a house, what about my grad school? Can I go to grad school, have a baby, buy organic food AND save for a house? What about daycare? That's expensive, I hear, and what if I am not done with grad school? I'll be like one of those young mothers who brought their newborn to class, which although more interesting, did not help make a lecture on macroeconomics any more understandable. So maybe we compromise. Give up Costa Rica and settle for a cheap road trip. Then we have the baby in a medium-sized apartment with no bedroom door. And we'll only buy half of our food from Whole Foods and settle on Super Wal-Mart for the rest. And we won't get cable, and we won't eat out. But we will pay for a gym membership. Because how else am I supposed to keep my tummy flat?


  1. This was by far the best post I have ever read on a blog. It also makes me not want to grow up.

  2. Unless you are someone whose bikini clad body will be photographed by paparazzi and published in People magazine, I see no connection between vacation and a flat tummy.