Thursday, November 4, 2010

on turning 28

{Celebrating birthdays since 1982)

I started a list of all the silly things I'd learned in my 27th year for my annual birthday tradition. I realized, though, that it didn't really make sense this year - because this birthday compared to all my others, is the one where it's not about all those little things but this new feeling of contentment.

Like all my other birthdays, there are definitely things I am looking forward to that haven't happened yet. But I don't feel incomplete. So instead, a list of Sarah's journey to contentment. Cue the swell of majestic music.

I have Shea.
He's one of the big life questions answered. It doesn't matter where we live or what we're doing, it's always good. We're no longer in the unknowns of dating, the stress of wedding planning or the chaos of newlywed stage. We live this full, mostly uninterrupted life where the biggest portion is spent hanging out as best friends. That's pretty cool.

I have faith.
I've learned a lot about my relationship with God this year. About how he provides when I'm following His plan. About how to pray with intention and reverence. About how easily temptation eeks into my life. I've learned the importance of a community of believers to support me in my faith. I've learned (and am still learning) that my time isn't my own and complaining about not having enough of it for myself is futile.


I have my family.
I live closer to my family now, and I'm not sure I would have ever felt content if I didn't. I love that I can experience my life with them. I love knowing my mom answers the phone for our daily chats. I love having the option to see them for random weekends but the freedom of knowing they don't have unreasonable expectations.

I have my health.
I feel the healthiest I ever have. I have learned to love healthy cooking. I've learned to follow a training plan and build my muscles and lung capacity enough to run a half marathon. I feel in tune with my body - knowing what it needs for fuel and when it needs to run for 10 miles or take a nap on the couch.

Because of those four things, I am at greater peace with other aspects of life. This year has really taught me that I can't change other people's priorities and values - but I also don't have to choose to be around them. Being on a budget has shown me that once I got used to it, I don't spend as much time thinking about material things like clothes, cable TV or pumpkin spice lattes. Living in a new city has given me the option to start new and explore my surroundings.

I'm 28, and I am happy.


  1. Happy Birthday beautiful!

  2. Happy Birthday! (And what a great list of things to be happy for!) Enjoy your 28th year! :)

  3. Happy Birthday!! Wonderful list!

  4. Happy birthday Sarah!! I hope your 28th year brings you more contentment, much love, and all the happiness in the world!


  5. 2nd comment of the day... I passed on the versatile blogger award to you!

  6. I hope that your birthday has been wonderful! Here's to many more years of happiness and aging with your best friend!

  7. Such a baby. So dewy and not yet beaten down by life. You are much younger than you think. Trust me. I have socks that are 28 years old.