Tuesday, November 2, 2010


And so should you!

If you're in Kansas or Missouri, you can cram for ballot issues at the Midwest Democracy Project website. And you can find your polling place here.

My polling place had quite the collection of characters including a guy campaigning 26 feet from the polling place door. The law is no campaigning within 25 feet. Nice work, buddy.


  1. Ah, I wish you had posted that 3 hours ago! Haha, oh well. Thanks for voting! I did too :)

  2. I voted too!! Almost first thing this morning even (I'm normally in line when the doors open but this time round I slept in).

    I'm very disappointed I might add (at least with Illinois); rumor mill has it that there was a low turn out in our neck of the woods. I was number 96 at 800am and my husand was number 423 at 430pm. I say that's sad. Every election is important.

    IMO-if you don't vote you shouldn't get to gripe when the person you think is better suited for the job doesn't win!!