Friday, August 6, 2010

bat attack

I'm chilling at my desk this morning enjoying my Friday checking my email and facebook working. I look up and see a BIG HAIRY BAT.

I was not in sound mind to take a picture but here's what I remember him looking like:

Actually,  he was just sleeping his day away probably dreaming about sucking my blood. Unfortunately, I sit in a corner with a window behind me so the only way to leave is by walking directly under said bat. I call my co-worker frantically, "Hi, um, I think there is a bat in the light outside your door!"

Pause. Scream. "I'm closing my door!"

Me: What about me?! I don't have a door.

Screaming co-worker: Come in here!

I grab my bag of grapes (I ran 7.7 miles this morning. I need my snacks, people), my purse (in case the bat steals my ID) and race into co-worker's office.

There we sit. And sit. People come by and talk about the bat's cute little ears as if it were a kitten. Finally the IT director traps it with a washcloth and Styrofoam cup. My co-workers then proceed to reenact my frantic phone call and hurried run into an office. "I never heard someone run so fast!"

This is why I need an office door.


  1. I blame the bat in your workplace on the fact that you live in Missouri. A little further west and you would've been fine. :)

  2. Aw poor you! lol
    I've had a few run ins with lovely bats myself. Once, on summer camp, one flew into our room during the night and started jumping from head to head, getting entangled in every girl's hair. The priests, and pretty much the whole town, got woken up by the terriefied screams of us girls that night..