Friday, August 20, 2010

spicy snow cones and wine

Last weekend our very amazing friend Trisha came to visit from Minnesota. In less than two years of friendship, she drove eight hours to our wedding, drove me to urgent care when I thought my sinuses were going to explode and made us puppy chow that we devoured as we moved our life to Kansas City.

Upon five minutes of arriving at our apartment, we realized that she was allergic to cats. Luckily she had a Plan B. The highlight of her visit was discovering Kansas City's best (and definitely most unique) snow cones.

{Cart placed in random park}

{Trisha's flight of sample flavors}

Flavors included blackberry lavender, green tea pear, pineapple serrano pepper, watermelon basil and Mexican cane sugar/espresso and chocolate mint. I got the espresso with sweetened condensed milk on top. YUM.

Later we found a cute little winery where the three-year-old belong to the owner didn't like that we tried reds again after our whites. Her favorite wine was the blush because it's pink and has a butterfly on it. A classy wine drinker in the making.

That's always the best part of visitors - discovering new places in your own city. Come back soon, Trisha!

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