Monday, August 2, 2010

dear body double, please do the following:

1. Go to the dentist.
I hate the dentist. When I was little, my childhood dentist had to carry me from the waiting room to the chair because I would. not. go. If it were still socially acceptable, I would do this today. When I got my wisdom teeth out after college, the two dry sockets I had weaned me of some of my fears. Really, could I experience anything worse at the dentist than cleaning my raw, exposed nerve with cold water? Shea still had to come and hold my hand when I had a crown last year. I don't like the taste. I don't like the awkward conversation. And I do not like people touching my face.

2. Mat my pictures. For free, please.
My mom and I tried to mat the pictures I bought on Etsy for the bedroom decorating adventure. The edges frayed. A lot. So the outside edges will be fine but now I need someone to cut the square hole for my pictures. So complicated for a simple project.

3. Speedwork training.
I am feeling very studly after my 7.5 mile run on Sunday morning. And accomplished with barely any walk breaks. However, in order to increase my pace I need to do speedwork, and I don't wanna. So please body double, run really fast in short bursts. Over and over. And try some hills while you're at it. Then put your aching shins in ice cold water when you're done. Thanks.

4. Research primary voting options.
I've been bad. I try to vote on all voting days. But every time I move, it means figuring out the politics. Researching the candidates. Researching what the heck that extra sales tax is for. Figuring out my new polling place. I feel like an irresponsible voter if I go and check random boxes. It was much easier in my hometown when I went to high school with a candidate's kid or remembered when they were on the school board. All I know is that the primary election is tomorrow, and I live in a state where races are actually competitive. 

5. Take my first grad class for me.
It's statistical analysis and quantitative research design, and it starts in three weeks. The grad classes I enjoy are the ones where we discuss white privilege, leadership in challenging situations or the meaning of life. Not numbers.

What do you wish a body double would do for you this month?


  1. Go to work, drive to MN, and take the GRE...ugh

  2. i loathe the dentist.
    my double could go and have my wisdom teeth removed.

    and #4, I'm right with you. I really like to know about my city.
    In NOLA, I was highly involved because my boss was in politics.
    I need to do some research on Philly.

  3. Love the theme of this post!

    That opening picture is scary - and reason enough to hate the dentist!