Thursday, August 19, 2010

cabin bound!

We're off to Minnesota for a relaxing weekend at a cabin and a friend's wedding. I'm EXCITED!  I don't so much like the lakes next to cabins but I'm a big fan of fresh air, silent evenings, hot dogs and s'mores. Plus great time with our friends Justin and Jess who we don't see enough.

I have also developed a love for other people's weddings because we get to dress up and dance! Plus this is the first wedding since ours where we have no responsibilities except showing up, crying when the bride walks down the aisle, eating and having fun. All things I do well.

{James Bond style}

The downside is we'll spend over 20 hours driving in five days. Luckily I have two unread issues of Real Simple and a few books to get through. Plus a large box of GRE words for Shea to memorize. Though we usually end up talking because our busy schedules and my generally less than friendly disposition after running gets in the way of terrific conversation. We're way overdo for some laughs and eye rolling.

So we're off to celebrate the end of summer, the great beginning to a marriage and my love for blackened marshmallows. Enjoy your weekend!

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