Monday, October 25, 2010

the in betweens

I write a lot of blog posts you never read. 

Sometimes I send them to Shea or a few close girlfriends who faithfully pretend they think I'm hilarious. Sometimes I just write them, read and delete. Sometimes I just compose them in my head while running.

Blogs about what I wish I could say to our renters. The crazy people I encounter. The times when I'm crazy in a less than adorable way. The real plans for our life. Our real financial situation. Anything involving my work or Shea's work. What Shea's sneezes smell like. When we're going to have a baby. When we're testing a Haitian child for cholera so we can adopt him/her.

I love telling our stories. I also love having stories nobody knows except Shea and I.

Plus there are consequences for telling everything. But I just want you to know that if I could write about everything, this blog would be AWESOME.


  1. But your blog is pretty awesome! When I read your blog I feel like I'm reading something real and normal. You don't over embellish on things (you know, TMI type posts) and you don't act like your so much smarter than everyone else (although I do suspect you're pretty darn smart). And while I might not agree with everything I've read, I do feel comfortable putting in my two cents.

  2. Wow, thank you for also being able to smell sneezes!! Do they smell sickly sweet to you also? People think I'm crazy when I say it smells like sneezes.

    I very much enjoy the blogs that make it through the editing process and end up here! I have such a hard time not posting everything I write, since I like to tell anyone just about everything, maybe I'm an over-sharer.

  3. You share whatever you like to share and we'll keep reading :-)