Friday, October 22, 2010

where to go from here

Not running this week due to the fact I have contracted the plague (or a common cold) has given me time to decide what the fall and winter hold for my running routine.

I've decided that training for a full right away doesn't make sense. I won't be ready for an early December marathon and the January ones, though awesome, involve expensive entry fees, travel and hotels. Plus boosting my winter running wardrobe to accommodate that much running is a pricey endeavor in itself. 

But I am not good at just running for the heck of it so I created some goals.

Race goals
St. Patrick's Day 4-mile Run - 3/2011
Fitness goals
Strength training focusing on core (ugh, abs) and hips
Maintain three-day a week running routine with long runs every other weekend
Get faster (ugh, speed training)
Cross training on bike or elliptical

I slightly have my eye on the Twin Cities Marathon in October 2011. Slightly because a lot of life could happen between now and then. You just never know.


  1. Love your fitness goals! That article on ITBS was very enlightening, makes me want to start with the hip strengthening now, since I get a little outside knee pain when I run...

    My running plans are to complete a 10k race before the year is over, and then train for a triathlon in the spring. Good luck with your winter training and the 3 races you have lined up!

  2. I'm a new follower! Great job on your latest half marathon, I'm training for my very first one in April. Love your blog, I think we have quite a few things in common, check mine out if you have time, you are plus one follower =)