Monday, October 4, 2010

not benched yet

I went to the sports medicine clinic today. It started off well when I had to change into the clinic's version of a hospital gown - shorts with a drawstring that did not draw small enough requiring me to roll them over four times and finagle a boy-scout-level knot.

When the doc came in, I had to stand up straight, facing away from him.
Doctor: Um, can you straighten your left leg?
Me: Is this not straight?
Doctor: Oh boy.

He then pushed and prodded my knee and kept telling me I was tense. I explained that since his poking felt similar to a steak knife it was a bit hard to release my muscles. Following the torture, he determined I have IT band strain (called it!) and bursitis, which means the sacs of fluid around my knees are very swollen.

Long story short, I have an overuse injury despite the fact I did everything right. Except that one time I ran on a treadmill because it was raining. Which means I started the misery there and then continued to overcompensate for it while running outside.

My instructions 
1) Ice after running for 20 minutes
2) Moist heat three times per day, for 20 minutes
3) 500mg Naproxen (strong anti-inflammatory) twice a day
4) Run up to my pain tolerance
5) Follow-up appointment in two weeks
6) Never run on a treadmill again.

As for running my half-marathon in 11 days?  Doctor: "You definitely can. But you'll pay for it in pain the next day." The good news is I can't do any severe damage to my knee if I do decide to run. The bad news is I am the one who has to make the call. I did however get our ever-handy supply of codeine refilled.

I'm not deciding anything until the swelling goes down because last night I couldn't even make it through an hour-long church service with my knee bent. But I'm feeling a bit more optimistic that I'm not completely benched.


  1. At least there's a hopeful remedy for your knee! One thing I wish I had done when I was 15 was to LISTEN to my doctor. If I had, I probably could run more often than I do now.. I'm excited for you and good luck with your half-marathon!

  2. I'm struggling with an IT band overuse injury right now :( That pain is so not fun. I hope it's healed up now and you are beginning to increase your mileage.