Friday, October 8, 2010

coveting prayers

We are landlords. Not by choice but by circumstance. Circumstances of the housing market sucks, we moved away and owe much more on a property than it's currently worth. Thank you banking industry.

Someday I will blog about the interesting situation we are in right now, when it's all in the past. And you will laugh, I guarantee it. But until this one moves into the laughing category, we would love your prayers.

Financially we are prepared for months without renters, but every month we have to cover rent is a month we're set back slightly in our other lofty debt reduction goals. Plus now we're in Kansas City, not Minnesota, so we have to rely on the help of others to handle the details if we do have to find new tenants. So far we've been very lucky, thanks to a super father-in-law. But it's a burden and the whole situation has probably raised our collective blood pressure to unhealthy levels.

When we moved to Kansas City a little less than a year ago, everything fell into place. Every worry we had financially, emotionally and otherwise was alleviated. We both found jobs. We found tenants. We found a cheap apartment. It taught us in a very real way that God provides. And I know He will again.

While you're at it though, do you think you could pray for my bum knee and the impending half marathon, and our ability to just rest? I'd throw in the Twins and K-State in there because they need some divine intervention but I won't press my luck.

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  1. I feel like I'm reading my own blog! haha! My fiance and I are in the same exact predicament as you and your husband. We are landlords also, definitely not by choice but by circumstance. Fortunately, my sister is our renter, but we are only getting 1/2 of what the mortgage is every month. And we are renting in Chicago and our property is in WI. Our hands are tied until it sells. I will keep you in my prayers! You're definitely not alone.