Monday, October 4, 2010

welcoming fall

I was fighting the arrival of fall, or rather the end of summer, with all my might. But this weekend made me ready. Bring on the pumpkin bread, apple cider, changing leaves, birthdays and sweaters.

One of my favorite ways to welcome the season was Minnesota apple orchards. We don't have many of those in Kansas/Missouri due to the fact fall can include temperatures in the 80s, but we do have a cider mill.

We drove south of Kansas City for the Louisburg Cider Mill Festival where I learned that while cider mills produce AMAZING tasting fresh cider, they also produce horrific smelling waste in the process (think rotting apples, fruit flies, stale water and warm sun. Delicious.). 

Regardless, we got our cider along with homemade donuts on the most perfect fall day ever.

I'm ready for you now, fall.

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