Tuesday, July 12, 2011

35 weeks

Baby boy,

Feeling a bit cramped in there? You're over five pounds now and running out of room. Your kicks seem less frequent, instead your foot bulges out on my side or I feel your arm scrape across my lower region. My stomach routinely looks like a tidal wave. You're pretty much developed now and are just putting on weight so that you can keep yourself warm when you enter the world.

Since discovering you've settled down low in mom's body, I've been up every two hours to pee during the night. It's become a fun game of counting - six times in seven hours is the record.Still getting contractions which are slightly more painful than just pressure. My appetite has really slowed but thankfully no heartburn since you moved downward. I'd take lightning to the crotch any day over the horrific heartburn that we were so blessed to only deal with for a few weeks. Mama's hands are swollen (no doubt because of this 100-plus degree heat wave we're having), and I can't count on wearing my wedding rings everyday.

This week we begin our weekly (invasive) doctor appointments. Pregnancy is a humbling experience. Though we're especially excited for tomorrow's appointment when we get to see your face again! We haven't seen you since week 19 so it's hard to imagine what you'll look like now.

We're making progress on your room. You've got a crib, and many of your clothes and towels are washed. This weekend we'll have our last shower and then go shop for whatever else you need.

Five weeks or less, little man. Your mama has got to get to work!

Love you,

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