Monday, July 25, 2011

the final shower

We had our last baby shower last weekend thrown by my "other moms." I'm lucky to have a not-really-related but really awesome extended family that love me, Shea and baby boy so much already.

I got to spend four whole nights at home with my mom and grandma complete with lunching and pedicures.

Saturday morning the shower started with a brunch of tasty scones, fruit slushes, sausage and egg muffins and of course, cupcakes.
The ladies attempted to guess my size using ribbon. Something special for the baby book! We were blessed with so many gifts - lots of adorable clothes and a few extra special handmade items from some talented guests.
The hit of the shower, however, had to be from Jim, our glass blower friend, who made me a breast pump. Jim and Carolyn found an old box in their house with the Wellington breast pump label still attached. Jim then made a replica label and this scarily accurate model of the real thing. After bringing it home, the hubs was temporarily excited that we could save $250 and not buy the real thing.

Saturday was the best I've felt in months. So loved. So beautiful in my whale-like glory. The gifts are nice. The reminders of love and support are even better.

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  1. that's absolutely amazing that someone hand-made you your own breast-pump!! & you are lookin' really cute these days miss mama : )